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Fire Clay

Fire Clay is used in steel mills, ceramic factories and for manufacturing of fire bricks. Fire Clay or Refractory clays belong to the group of clays known as Kalines of sedimentary origin and generally underline coal beds. Fire clay zones occur in plates pods and streaks with varying amounts of impurities. Two areas each of 377.58 (called as Location 1) and 447.05 acres (called as Location 2) in district Chakwal have been taken on lease from Govt of Punjab, Pakistan. The deposits in Location 1 are available as open pit mining, whereas deposits in Location 2 have thickness of fireclay seam varying from 2 to 4 feet. Both of the areas are easily accessible by road . The results of the surface sample of fireclay from Location 1 is shown as sample RL 11 and from Location 2 is shown as sample RL 21. The results of the sample RL 11 indicate the recommended usage in ceramic industries and results of the sample RL 21 indicate the recommended usage of fireclay for making the fire bricks. It is very likely that quality of fireclay will improve further as a deeper excavation of the site is carried out.